The ultimate aim is for you to become My pet submissive and for us to meet in real time sessions. All journeys however begin with a single step, so I offer many other ways to serve – other departure points on what will be a long and challenging experience.
The following are a variety of ways you can submit to My control as a prelude to or as an alternative to such a deep commitment.

Online Worship

Perhaps, for you, attendance in person is not yet possible. Perhaps, you are a novice and want to indulge that craving which has been gnawing inside you for some time.
I offer a variety of services on several platforms. 

I offer text, telephone, webcam and Skype sessions.
I am adept in these media and can control you fully even though you are not physically before Me.


“The devil makes work for idle hands to do” 

I can keep you on the straight and narrow with tasks which will test your dedication and allow Me to see if you are capable of serving Me at a higher level.
All true submissives want to please their Mistress and with luck receive praise for their efforts.
Daily tasks, weekly schedules – the only limit is my boundless imagination.

Chastity and Orgasm control

That little thing between your legs and the juices it produces are, let’s face it, of no use to anyone.
You can’t be trusted to use it wisely, so for all concerned it’s best that it’s kept under lock and key and inside that sissy underwear you’ll be wearing at my instruction.
And who better to hold your the key than your Mistress.
I will tell you if, when and how you are to be allowed release and the best is, you’ll pay Me for the privilege.
All plans will be tailored to your circumstances but under My control.