Real time sessions

Mistress was on tour in Edinburgh recently visiting the dedicated play space, Maison de Debauch. This venue is handily located and was easy to find based on Mistress’ detailed directions. It has a discreet entrance but once inside, it is a Tardis for the Dominant and submissive alike. I was invited to attend before Mistress for a session of Domination, Discipline and Devotion.

Mistress and I sessioned in person last year and regularly meet on webcam. Our relationship has developed strongly during all the time she has owned me. Mistress revels in control. En route to the venue, she had demanded I carry out several tasks before I could attend on her. Once I was in the vicinity of the chambers, she made me await further instructions until I was given permission to present myself. This only served to heighten my eagerness to be in her presence.

She greeted me warmly on arrival and allowed me to fall to my knees before her to signal my submission. Having allowed me to worship, she spent a little time to settle me by playing light-hearted games, but I was aware all of the time that these would have serious repercussions. My shortcomings at these games resulted in being turned over her lap and receiving a sound bare bottomed spanking.
Mistress then used our time together to expose me to some of the other practices in which she excels.

She is a lover of water sports. A favourite practice is to compel her submissives to drink until they can retain no longer. Having instructed me to arrive wearing incontinence pull ups, she delighted in forcing me to wet myself as I lay on the floor. I had previously purchased on AW a pair of Mistress’ panties. These, she told me, she would deliver in person. Not content with me lying in my own pee, Mistress then stood over me and christened with her golden juices not only the panties but also my face and body lying beneath her. This took me by surprise, but as I was gathering my senses, she hauled me to my knees and subjected me to a vigorous face slapping as a punishment for failure in a task set some weeks previously. My head rocked and my ears rang.

Mistress had commanded me to bring fresh nettles to the meeting. It was not long till she laid me over a spanking bench and teased the stinging leaves on my bare bottom, before driving them into my bum crack. Not satisfied that this was enough, she then tanned by backside with flogger, hairbrush, belt and finally the cane. Released from the bench, I knelt before her in adoration thanking her for my treatment. Against my better judgement I begged for more – something which I have learned pleases Mistress greatly. She did not deny me. I was treated to an encore of an additional volley of hairbrush strokes to my already burning bottom. I was in ecstasy, a excited quivering wreck, by the end of our session, but Mistress was attentive to some recovery time and gentle caring affection before leaving.

At no time did things feel rushed. As a first class professional dominatrix she always keeps an eye to safety and her submissive’s responses, whilst at the same time pushing those boundaries further and further. I cannot recommend Mistress too highly. If you can only session with her by webcam, then you will not be disappointed, however if you are given the chance to session in person, grasp the opportunity with both hands – written by sissyandi

I’ve been having Skype shows with Mistress Irish Taboo for a long time now and THEY are wonderful, so I decided to try real time sessions with Mistress and it is the best experience I’ve had. As you can imagine Mistress is very professional in organising sessions and gave good clear directions to the private apartment, She is a great communicator. She greeted me dressed in a sexy outfit and face mask as the sessions are CFNM. Even though we have built up a relationship on Skype I was bit nervous on the first meet but Mistress put me at my ease within minutes and on the second session everything felt natural and comfortable. Mistress is smart, beautiful, funny, friendly and warm but at the same time kinky, perverse and depraved. She has the greatest voice. It’s soft like liquid silk but at the same time dominating with an edge. Mistress creates a safe place for you to explore your kinks and various fetishes and adds ideas that make the sessions unforgettable.

Particular highlights are the mouth fetishes like spitting, drooling and Her water-sports skills need to be experienced to be believed! Mistress Irish Taboo will captivate you and take you on a journey of pure satisfaction and excitement. She will control and toy with you and it’s a joy to submit to Her for Her amusement and pleasure. She is the only dominatrix you will need in your life. I can’t recommend a session with Mistress highly enough, you will not regret it – written by DampinDerry

I have been having Skype sessions with Mistress for a while now and decided to move to real time sessions, and it is the best decision I ever made. Our sessions consisted of various things including foot worship, (she has absolutely adorable feet) nipple play, spitting and water sports. Mistress Irish Taboo knows how to make the session special and what to add to the experience that will result in more pleasure than you thought possible. I can honestly say this was the best session with a Mistress I ever had. Looking forward to exploring more of Mistress’s wonderful world of kink. A very rewarding experience with Mistress Irish Taboo and highly recommended – written by Kinky Sub L

I visited Mistress on her tour date in Edinburgh last year. I try not to approach meets with expectations especially when the Mistress and I haven’t met before but you just can’t help having hopes. can you? Everything about this session was way beyond what I had hoped for. If you look at Mistress’ AdultWork profile you’ll see that she doesn’t do nudity or show her face totally. This was just the same in the flesh. Throughout the meet Mistress was fully clothed and wore a very attractive face mask. I’m not sure how others might handle that but for me it just added to the total power exchange which is her specialty. Our time together (over 2 hours) just went in a flash but it gave Mistress enough room to demonstrate her skills in the domination department including spanking, paddling, belting, foot worship, humiliation and so much more. She is planning more tours within the UK and if you get the chance don’t miss out. I’m glad I didn’t. Mistress is always available online and on Skype for cam sessions via AdultWork – written by Sissyandi.

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“Mistress Irish Taboo was even better than I was hoping for. Worth all the tribute.” Sods

“What can I say other than absolutely superb! Straight into the scenario I requested and what beautiful, seductive voice. To die for!” digger

“Awesome session with an amazing and beautiful lady……she is wicked and sexy.” sspds

“Incredible as always, perfect PVC worshipping session, Mistress’ voice will melt you into submission, one of a kind. Get Booking!” bootlover