Q: Do you escort?
A: No.  I am a professional dominatrix. I do NOT offer any form of sexual services. I also do not engage in any act which involves my nudity. If we meet it will be for the purposes of domination only. This means your pain and humiliation and my amusement. All sessions will be strictly CFNM (clothed female, naked male).

Q: What should I do before I contact you to arrange a meeting?
A: The very first thing you should do is read the information on my website carefully. It will tell you what I am about, what I do and don’t do, what I like and dislike etc. If you send me an email, asking a question which is dealt with on this site, then you ought not to expect a response. I am busy at what I do and won’t spend time answering questions for which I’ve already provided the answers.

Q: I’m a complete novice at Domination/submission, will you be able to deal with my inexperience?
A: Of course! We all need to start our journey somewhere. Although I don’t suffer fools gladly, I’m always delighted to meet novices. I will be patient and gentle (at the beginning at least!) to allow you to explore. I’ll know very quickly if you have what it takes to be a submissive. If you’re not, I’ll soon tell you and we can both move on.