About Me

I am unique. You will find My equal nowhere. My accent alone will entrance you. I represent that paradox you crave. Approachable, creative, educated, fun, caring, and sophisticated, yet also sadistic, addictive, enslaving and mesmerising.
I will guide you on that road you know you wish to travel. A therapeutic and thrilling journey of self-discovery tailored to your individual needs. Your ultimate need, of course, is to serve, to submit and I will train you to please and amuse Me. This will be your quest, your holy grail. With My creative mind and addictive voice I will entrance and enslave you. For My amusement and pleasure you will offer yourself up to Me physically and mentally. All too soon your own needs and desires will be overtaken by an deep addictive urge to satisfy Me. I will have you take over your thoughts and direct them towards My pleasure and amusement. In short you will become a true submissive to My needs, My whims and My desires.